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Pretty enjoyable, I really liked the shadows standing atop the hills and such, that was a neat creepy touch. 



Decent game, but I really liked the story aspect of it, especially for a shorter game. Even though the amount of deaths I had made it a much longer playthrough, seen in my gameplay video here.

This was a very interesting game - well done for just a week in development!

Thanks for the nice video, and yes there are a lot of issues ;) As you said, the game was done in a week - however, I am no graphic artist, so the graphics are actually from the unity asset store, however, everything else was done, in that week - You can see the development here:


Hey! Did a video on this for my channel, overall not too bad to say it only took you a week! The only real problem I had was the "orb" monsters. They just weren't scary, but I understand it was hard to do a modeled monster in just a week. Those shadows we're creepy though....

Hey, sorry for the slow reply, but been on holidays!

Anyways, thank you for the great video, and the feedback - as this being a one week challenge, I of course know there are a ton of bugs, but I am not sure whether or not I will go around to improve on this game, or continue on this specific game - I will however start a new project this monday.

Best Regards,


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Hello, I completed your game and it was ok but there were a few bugs, I was not keen on so much whisper talk. The camera soon tilts and it looks like the world has tilted, also the inventory bug which can make the game impossible to complete but that is in the video to help. Overall it was good, if you put this on gamejolt website i will be happy to share a 5/5.

YouTube: Fellowplayer

Hi Fellowplayer,

Thanks for the nice video and the comment - You for sure is right about the bugs - wasn't actually aware that it could break the game ;) But as I updated in the description, this was a one-week-challenge game!

I don't know if it's going on Game Jolt, but I'll be sure to announce if it is, or if I continue working on The Road in the future.